Vedic astrology for october 2019

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Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Libra zodiac singles will get love easily in social gatherings and entertainment centers. Libra pregnancy at this time is assured because of the happiness enjoyed by both you and your spouse. The Libra zodiac sign predictions foretell that you are likely to engage in conflicts with the elders since you are controlled by a mind of your own. But it is upon you to ensure that you do not get worked up quickly to avoid being cursed by those who are senior to you.

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  8. You will have to ensure that the Libra children are not caught in between the arguments that will be ensuing between you and the elders. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! According to the October horoscope ; your health will be superb this month.

    Monthly Horoscope: Astrology Predictions for Zodiac Signs

    Taking balanced diets and playing with your children will aid in maintaining your physical health. These activities will also improve your well-being intensely.

    Your Yearly Horoscope

    Test Now! As per the Libra October horoscope , the role you play in your profession will be that of a supportive nature. The career growth of others will be your number one priority.

    October 12222 Monthly Horoscope

    Virgo ascendants can get financial gains from foreign sources in this period. If these people want to invest money in the share market then this is the best time to do so as they can get a really high amount of profits. From the family point of view, happiness and peace will prevail in the home. The couples who are facing problems in having children can get blessed by a baby. Planet Venus will transit in the ascendant house in the horoscope of the Libra ascendants.

    This time will be beneficial from the health perspective as you will feel fit and active all the time.

    Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast - Planetary Influence

    On the personal front, these people will observe some changes in themselves and grow as a person. This will bring favorable results in various aspects of life. Natives who are in love can introduce their partners to their parents in this period. Scorpio Planet Venus will transit in the 12th house of your Kundali which can bring in profits from foreign sources for the Scorpios.

    They can go on a much-awaited trip to their favorite place, be it a restaurant or a city!

    Monthly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

    The friendship of these people with an opposite-gender can increase due to which they will observe that they are getting appreciated for all the work they do. Planet Venus will transit in the 11th house which is the house of income. This transit will bring a lot of benefits from the financial point of view. These people will get all the materialistic comforts in this period and will lead a prosperous life.

    They will be appreciated for their hard work whilst doing smart work and will get a lot of appreciation at work. The time is excellent for all those who are in a relationship as they can get some quality time to spend with their beloved. Planet Venus will transit in the 10th house in the Kundali of the Capricorn ascendants. This transit can bring obstacles to the professional life of these people.

    October 2019 Predictions: Shocking Truth Transforms the World

    They will work really hard for achieving their goals but they will not be able to get satisfactory results. On the family front, you should avoid engaging in any argument as it can make the environment of the home negative. One should remain cautious from the opponents in this period as they can indulge in a big clash with them.

    Aquarius Planet Venus will transit in the 9th house due to which these people can look forward to gains at different points of time. One can also go on a long journey with family or friends and it will prove to be beneficial in various ways. The respect and name of these people will increase and therefore, the social circle of such a person will increase. The hard work of these people will pay them back with promotions and appreciation at work. Planet Venus will transit in the 8th house in the horoscope of the people who belong to this zodiac sign.

    These people can buy a new vehicle in this period. This transit will be quite favorable from the family point of view as your family members will support you and will do efforts to make you happy. One can also get sudden gains at work which will come as a confidence booster for the native. In this period, expect yourself to become more serious and focused on your goals and to perform better for gaining promotion. A transit always affects the native temporarily. So, this Venus transit will also bring temporary changes in the life of an individual. Necessary precautions can be taken to reduce the malefic effects of the transit like one can go for proper Astrology Consultation in which adverse effects could be treated with astrological remedies.

    Talk to an Astrologer Online and get 5 minutes extra talk time added in your consultation time, automatically. Kundli is the basis of Vedic Astrology and acts as the astrological chart to calculate the future of an individual. You may become involved with a friend or family member that requires a listening ear. You'll be the one who is free to mend. Gemini, life isn't always about who wins or loses but when it comes to love, today you're treated in the same way you treat others.

    You will like the change. Cancer, it's okay to call a time out for yourself. There isn't anything wrong with breaks when you need one. Just remember to take them more often than not. Leo, you have an opportunity to serve and to be served but you decide not to take it? It's your opportunity to show how things can go in a positive direction when doing something you love.

    Libra, it's about your future and you enjoy making sure that it's bright. You are likely to benefit from an alliance formed by yourself and someone in authority that can help you to gain some knowledge you need. Scorpio, history can fascinate but it can also isolate a person. You may have watched what you understand to be available and now need suggestions on the next things to do. You may find it interesting to dive into the spending habits of others, not necessarily your friends or coworkers.

    It's interesting to see how money can influence both the present and the past.

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